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Knowledge it's power, experience it's a must.

Experienced technicians and engineers with state-of-the-art Labs, at your service.



Choose the right upgrade solution with the expertise that aim towards your needs.

We deal with brand new and certified refurbished devices.

Opt in to safely recycle your old device without losing any of your files, and upgrade to an understandable future.


Serving private homes and businesses, we can help you to build an efficient and flowless computing system.

All our work and devices will be guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months, for your peace of mind. 

Having most of the parts and devices in stock, cuts down the waiting time for the required service.

Computer Desktops - Laptops - Servers - Tablets - Monitors - Keyboard and Mouse - Routers - External Backup Devices - Headphones and Speakers - Microphones - VR - Projectors and more.


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