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A full range of IT services is provided by experienced technicians and engineers, at your door step thanks to our same-day free call-out with no obligation quotes.

Secure IT Solutions

for a flawless continuity.

Our services are provided with no limitations, within:

London and Greater London - Watford - Hemel Hempstead - Hitchin - Luton - Milton Keynes or check our Local Workshops. More info, please call us on 0800 772 0033

laptop repair
Data Migration
Server Installation
Data Recovery SSD Harddrive HDD


Laptop, Desktop pc & Gaming

Providing Computer Desktops and Laptop Repairs at our top performance, you will be up and running again, within 24 hours. Looking to upgrade and keep up with the modern wolrd? We have a massive range of options.


Websites and Marketing

Starting a new business or keeping up with demand and competition can be very challenging. We can help you build a new business model or boost your current one with our effective and proven methods.

Privates and Businesses:

Contracts and Emergencies

Relying on a 24/7 paid support, will cut down downtime and let you save money that can be invested elsewhere. Anything that stops your business deadlines will be dealt with efficiency, in complete privacy.

Your data:

Security and Privacy

All of the data processed by us, on your computers about your company and your clients, will remain safely encrypted, so nobody can poke into it, not even ourselves. 

Different types of Privacy solutions are sold here.

computer repair shop

Our workshops locations: 

Laptop Repairs
Call-out Free
Computer Repairs and Laptops
Computer Repair

Managed IT Solutions

Web Developments

Repairs and Upgrades

Laptop and Computer Repair
Email fix
Data recovery and fix

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

The IT wolrd is moving further, much faster then you think.

Changes can be scary, but if you keep up to it with the help of our expertise, you will be up and running stronger than before, allowing the computer to do a better job in less time.

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